The TGA regulates therapeutic goods as outlined in the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989. If your report does not relate to a health product but one of the following matters, please click on the associated link for further details.

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Subsection 3(1) of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (The Act) defines Therapeutic goods as; Goods that are represented in any way to be, or that are, whether because of the way in which the goods are presented for any other reason, likely to be taken to be;

    a) For therapeutic use or

    b) For use as an ingredient or component in the manufacture of therapeutic goods or

    c) For use as a container or part of a container for goods of the kind referred to in subparagraph (1)(ii) or (iii) pf the Act.

In relation to therapeutic goods, the Act defines 'advertise' as '...make any statement, pictorial representation or design that is intended, whether directly or indirectly, to promote the use or supply of the goods, including where the statement, pictorial representation or design is on:

  • the label of the goods
  • the package in which the goods are contained
  • any material included with the package in which the goods are contained.

Please provide as much detail as possible. The details you provide will assist the TGA to assess and prioritise your report. The TGA cannot act on reports if there is insufficient detail about the advertisement.

  • The name of the advertiser
  • The name of the advertised product
  • Where the advertisement appeared
  • Details of why the advertisement is of concern for you and
  • A copy, scan, image or URL of the advertisement you are reporting

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